5 Minute Abs – Pilates Footwork on the Mat

Pilates footwork on the reformer is part of the warmup to prepare the body for the rest of the exercises to come. However, they are so much more than a warmup. The footwork exercises mimic squats so they serve to particularly warm up the legs and glutes. They can also develop strength in the hips, legs, ankles and feet, increase flexibility in the lower limbs, and create balanced muscle development around the hips, knees and ankles.

I love doing a variation of the Reformer Footwork on the mat. We add in the extra challenge of lifting the head and shoulders into an abdominal curl as we do our footwork. The video below is a short and sweet, but challenging workout for the abdominals and legs. I’ve included modifications and progressions so this is perfect for all levels of Pilates student, especially beginners.

You can do this a quick, stand alone workout or add it onto something else such as a cardio workout or your full mat Pilates practice. Enjoy!

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