Episode 1 – The Nourished Soul – An Introduction

In this first episode of The Nourished Soul I give a brief introduction to myself and why I chose to create a podcast. I also share a lot about what you can expect from the podcast going forward. Listen to Episode One here.

Episode 3 – Attitude of Gratitude – How to Create a Gratitude Practice.

How to create a gratitude practice. Expressing gratitude is something I truly believe in that helps to create room for more joy in your life. In this episode I share my own practice and offer tips for you to create your own gratitude practice. Listen to Episode Three here.

Episode 5 – Winter Rituals to Combat Holiday Depression

The holidays, and even the winter season itself, can be hard on a lot of people. Especially during this time of a global pandemic where most people don’t even get to see family for the holidays. So in this episode, I’m sharing some of my Winter Rituals to combat holiday and seasonal depression. Listen to Episode Five here.

Episode 7 – Break Up With Stress for Healthy, Glowing Skin with Kara from Me Time Botanicals

Kara, the owner of Me Time Botanicals, shares some of her tips to relieve stress in order to have better, more glowing skin. Listen to Episode Seven here.

Episode 2 – Cayetano – Being the Light, Spirit Meditation, Storm King, and the Second Mountain

In this second episode, my good friend Cayetano and I talk about ways to be the light to others, guided spirit meditations, and more. Listen to Episode Two here.

Episode 4 – Jeffrey Guard – Connection, Positivity, and Healing During COVID 19

Jeffrey and I had a great conversation about better ways to connect during COVID 19 and how we can move forward in healing. Listen to Episode Four here.

Episode 6 – How to find JOY in Your Everyday Life

After three years of living in chaos, I am only living a joyful life. In today’s episode, I’m sharing ways you can find and bring JOY to your life on the daily. Listen to Episode Six here.

Episode 8 – Body Positivity, Working Out, and Weight Loss

Can you remain body positive while working out and wanting to lose weight? Find out in today’s episode. Listen to Episode Eight here.

Episode 9 – From Muslim to Witchcraft – A Spiritual Journey with the Magician’s Menagerie

Josh from The Magician’s Menagerie and I talk about our spiritual journeys. And Josh gives me a Tarot reading. Listen to Episode Nine here.