♥ “After a year of yoga and Pilates, my orthopedic specialist told me that, after examining my hip joint, she never would have known I have arthritis from the results of my exam. The arthritis I do have has stabilized. She also said I was “more flexible than most people,” which was great to hear. The classes are great and so convenient.“ – Marianne O.

♥”I have been going to Christopher for eight months and I have improved balance, posture, flexibility, strength, and confidence in my own abilities…just like Christopher said I would, even though I didn’t believe him at first. Christopher is knowledgeable, professional, kind, and encouraging… especially when I’ve needed it most. Before this, I had never established any kind of regular fitness routine in my 43 years so I was skeptical, but I am now doing things I never thought I could or would!” – Laura C. 

♥ “One thing that can happen as you mature in years is you might not feel as strong or as flexible as you used to feel. For me personally, Pilates and yoga have restored my strength and flexibility. Now when I hear my colleagues complaining about “getting old” I kind of smile, because it doesn’t have to be that way. You can take yoga and Pilates to make yourself healthy and vigorous. I’m in my early sixties and I find myself looking for more opportunities to walk and move more, and I even have a spring in my step!” – Mimi F.

♥ “More than any other teacher I’ve had, Christopher really brings the mind/body connection in his teaching. His cues of breath, alignment, etc have helped me to deepen my Pilates practice, understand Pilates better and the subtleties the practice offers! His passion for Pilates and what he does is very apparent”  – Diane T. 

♥”Christopher is an amazing Pilates Instructor. I was nervous to try Pilates at first, but Christopher assured me that he would be there to guide me through each step! During my session, Christopher explained which muscles I should be using with the correct postures & he would verbally assist me if I started to become unaligned in movements. Christopher took the time to answer any questions I had and he continually educated me about the safest way to go about each step. I left my first Pilates session feeling balanced and feeling a few muscles I had never felt before!”– Felicia  M.

♥ ” Love the Pilates and yoga classes that Chris teaches. He is very patient and always explains how the particular pose helps you. Ever since I’ve been working with him, I haven’t had to go to my chiropractor. Love him; wish he could help me work out every day!”–Donna S.

♥”I have worked with and taken Chris’s classes for a few years now. He is knowledgeable, wonderful, caring and professional. Chris can always put a smile on my face.” – Leah A.