The Six Best Non-Toxic Deodorants That Actually Work

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Let us get real up close and personal here. Regular commercial deodorants give me the fiery pits from hell. I’m talking burning, itching, irritation, pain, redness and just plain uncomfortable. So for the past few years I have been experimenting with switching to more natural deodorants. You could say that natural deodorants were my gateway product to starting my clean beauty journey.

Why Use a Natural Deodorant?

Well, other than the irritation I get from regular commercial deodorants, there are studies linking antiperspirants and deodorants with aluminum being linked to certain types of cancers. In the first place, we don’t even really need antiperspirants. They are created to block pores from sweating. We actually need our pores to sweat in order to help regulate our body’s temperature and release toxins.

Body odor comes from bacteria on our skin, not actually sweating. So antiperspirants don’t even really help with bad BO. Deodorants and staying clean can defintely help though.

Parabens are another common ingredient in some commercial deodorants and we all know how we feel about parabens. So the ultimate test of deodorants for me were that they be aluminum and paraben free, contain as little chemicals as possible and be as mostly natural as possible.

In addition to that, they need to not cause itching, burning, sensitivity, etc. and work well at keeping me smelling fresh throughout the day. So let’s check out the contenders below. These are listed from my least favorite to my absolute favorite (meaning the last one listed is my absolute favorite deodorant to use on a daily basis).

Instead of the fiery pits of hell, these deodorants are a true gift from the baby Jesus.

Megababe Rosy Pits Daily Deodorant

Made with a blend of natural ingredients, including sage and green tea, this deodrant sounded good in theory. However, of all the “natural” deodorants I tried, this one didn’t really work out for me.

Even after the first initial use, my underarms broke out in a rash, redness, burning and just super painful. I did try it a few times but each time I did, I broke out. So this one is the only one on the list that didn’t actually work out well for me.

Lavanila The Healthy Deodorant

I’ve always heard great things about this brand so thought I would give them a try. I would consider this a more luxury brand and it was the most expensive deo on the list.

Lavanila has a soothing blend of essential oils with powerful anti-oxidants and smells great. It has a great ingredient listing with all natural ingredients and no aluminum, no paraben, no propylene glycol and no harsh chemicals.

This one actually worked really well for me. No sensitivity and kept me smelling fresh throughout the day. The scent of this is actually very light and pleasant. My only complaint is that this leaves that white residue behind so you have to be careful when applying it and then getting dressed.

MyRo Big Dipper Deodorant

I was so intrigued by the new Myro deos that are now sold at Target. I love the idea of the different scents and using essential oils to inspire and create a mood. Also, the packaging is amazing as the original container can be reused and refilled with cartridges.

The formula is aloe-based and powered by bacteria-neutralizing citrus and probiotics to keep you smelling great, while natural cornstarch keeps you feeling dry. I love that it is full of only effective and clean ingredients. No aluminum, parabens, baking soda or gluten. It is also vegan, and never tested on animals.

This one actually worked so well and I wanted to love it so much. While I didn’t hate it it, I just didn’t love it. It did this weird thing where it would foam up like crazy. I even tried putting the tiniest amount on my underarms but as I continued with the rest of my morning routine, it would foam up under my arms. To the point where I would have to towel most of it off. Other than that, it worked well at keeping odor at bay and didn’t cause any irritation. However, I just cant handle the crazy foaming.

Native Natural Deodorant

I love the whole Native line and even use their shower gels. I absolutely love their Coconut and Vanilla scent. The deo is paraben and aluminum free and all natural. It is very effective and long lasting as far as keeping odors at bay.

My only complaint with this one is the white residue, so again, you have to be careful when applying it and getting dressed. I keep this one as a travel deo or my backup deo for when I run out of my number one, favorite.

EO Essential Oil Certified Organic Deodorant Spray

The EO line is something I have seen regularly at Whole Food’s and I love thier travel hand sanitizers, so I was curious to try this one out.

The ingredients are so simple but super effective. Just organic alcohol derived from sugar cane to help eliminate odor, purified water, and organic lavender essential oil to help mask odor.

This one definitely kept me fresh all day and worked well. My only complaint is that it is pretty watery, so when you spray it on it starts to run all down your arm and the side of your body. I would have to towel off most of it. However, it worked well and I will definitely keep this one in rotation. Also, I can’t wait to try more stuff in this line.

Weleda Sage 12 Hour DEODORANT

The Weleda deos have been my favorite for years. I swear by them and recommend them to everyone. I can’t stop raving about them. The Sage deo is absolute favorite but the others work well too.

The ingredients are simply alcohol and essential oils. The alcohol is not the drying kind though. In fact, I have never had any dryness, irritation, sensitivity, pain, etc. when using these. They keep you fresh all day even though they say 12 hours. I have even worked out in the middle of the day and not had odor problems. These are that good!

These seem to dissipate faster on the skin than the EO deodorant, so they are not as watery and don’t run down the arms as much. Another reason that they made it to the top.

For more information on my thoughts on these, check out the video below. I would also love to hear what other natural deodorants have worked for you, so drop your favorites in the comments.

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