48 Hours in Savannah, GA

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Hello cupcakes! I know it has been awhile, but if you are following me on Instagram, you know I have made some major life changes. The big one being that I separated with my husband back in May and am in the process of divorce. I am on a journey now to do all the things that I missed out in my 18+ year marriage and I’m focusing on my own wellness journey. I’m focusing on being the best version of myself I can; mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

I have been sharing a lot of my journey on Instagram and neglecting this poor blog. But I’ve now decided to share more on this blog in hopes of inspiring, uplifting, and educating others on Beauty, Lifestyle, and Wellness topics. So it’s important for me to share my journey with y’all in hopes that it is helpful for someone else going through all that I have been through in the past two years.

A huge part of my journey is going on adventures. My soon to be ex-husband wasn’t the most social person and I missed out on a lot of adventures and exploring places. I am now focused more on creating memories instead of collecting material things. Nothing nourishes the soul like traveling to a new city and exploring. So when I get the chance, I hop in my car and hit a new town to explore. So with a long weekend at my fingertips, I drove off to Savannah, GA.

48 Hours in Savannah, GA

So the guy I’m currently seeing (more on that in future blog posts) and I had both visited Savannah years ago. However, it had been so long that we didn’t remember much, so we decided it would be a great spot to visit. We loaded up the dogs and drove the four hours to Savannah, GA.

We planned for two full days in Savannah, but didn’t really have any specific places in mind to visit. We were mostly going to just wing it and take our time exploring the city without any itinerary. I thought I would share some of the spots we discovered and really enjoyed on our trip with y’all.

Savannah, GA – The Pirate’s House

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Our first stop was at The Pirate’s House because my traveling companion had been there before and remembered the food being amazing. Also, we were super hungry after our four hour drive. We opted for the buffet which was full of southern comfort foods like fried chicken, mac and cheese, collard greens and more. The food and service were impeccable. In fact it was so good we vowed to go back on our last day there before we left town.

I think it’s pretty obvious by the name that this restaurant is pirate themed. But it actually also has a very cool history. The Pirate’s House is hands down one of the most historic places in all of Georgia and it has quite a past. Situated only a block from the river, the inn became a favorite drinking spot of pirates and sailors alike. Tunnels dug from under the inn led all the way to the river. Most sailors who had too much to drink often were carried out through the tunnels, placed on waiting ships and woke up to find themselves sold into service on a pirate ship. Talk about a hangover! In addition to the buffet, they have a full menu. The fried green tomatoes are highly recommended.

Savannah, GA – River Street

I think anyone who has visited Savannah knows about River Street. It is one of the most historic riverfront spots in the country. We were told that there were three streets in Savannah that you absolutely had to walk from one end to the other and River Street was one of them (the other two being Jones Street and Broughton Street).

This is the gem of Savannah! A cobblestone street bordered on one side by the river and the other by century old buildings that were once cotton warehouses but now host upscale boutiques, bars, restaurants, and luxury hotels. Savannah is an open container city, so grab a beer from a local pub (we grabbed a beer from the bar in The Shrimp Factory) and just stroll slowly down River Street. There is so much to see and do here, including some good shopping. We ended our stroll with another beer on the rooftop of the Bohemian Hotel’s Rocks on the River lounge, as we watched ships slowly go up the river.

Savannah, GA – The Paris Market

Now y’all know that I was not going to pass up a place called The Paris Market. This store is so me that I seriously thought if I ever opened a store it would look just like this. It is just full of gorgeous French things from my favorite Cire Trudon candles to amazing French pottery to beautiful stationary and gifts.

In addition to the gorgeous boutique full of French goodies, there is a café that serves the most delicious Parisian pastries, coffee, tea, wine, and champagne. If you travel to Savannah, this is an absolute MUST! To be honest I think we spent more time in The Paris Market than we did anywhere else on our two day trip. Don’t forget to check out the downstairs level as well!

Savannah, GA – Forsyth Park

I think Forsyth Park is a must see on anyone’s list when visiting Savannah. In fact when you see pictures of Savannah, more often than not you see Forsyth park and the fountain that is located there. The park is full of huge live oaks dripping in spanish moss. Very iconic, very southern, very Savannah! The park, built in 1851, is one of the oldest and prettiest parks in the country. Spanning 30 acres it houses so much to see and do.

We strolled through the park on a Saturday and saw the Farmer’s Market, a Witches’ drumming circle (it was Halloween after all) and a soccer game in action. This was the perfect spot for us to take the dogs on a long walk too as there was plenty of green space for them run. In addition to the fountain there is a Fragrant Garden, a playground and a coffee shop/restaurant with outdoor seating.

Savannah, GA – The Olde Pink House

Come on, y’all didn’t think I was going to miss something called The Pink House Inn did ya? Once a mansion and home back in the late 1700s this is now a restaurant and lounge. While I heard great things about the restaurant, we did not eat there. However, you can ask to go inside and walk around, which we did. The house is gorgeous and makes for a fun photo spot. Obvi!

My next trip back to Savannah, I will definitely check out the restaurant, because walking around looking at the inside of the house, the food I saw on people’s plates looked amazing!

Savannah, GA – Cathedral of St. John the Baptist

Y’all I needed Jesus just to find this cathedral! There are so many churches around the squares of Savannah and they all look the same! I swear every single one has a bluish-green spire or two on the top. However, the Cathedral Basilica of St. John the Baptist is the one that you want! My traveling companion is very religious and I have rediscovered my faith (I even started going to church again and reading the bible) so this was definitely on our list to see. We actually had hoped to attend Sunday mass here before heading home, but you have to sign up days ahead of time due to COVID social distancing guidelines in the church.

The cathedral was built in the early 1800s and is absolutely gorgeous. It is open daily for you to stroll in and check out the stained glass windows and more. We spent some time just sitting inside in one of the pews. Even if you are not a religious person, this is a must visit! It reminded me of the church in Cleveland, OH we would go to for Midnight Mass on Christmas Eve when I was a kid.

Savannah, GA – Jones Street

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Jones Street is another iconic Savannah spot. The street is line with gorgeous old mansions and rowhouses, as well as old live oaks dripping in spanish moss. While there is not many “attractions” on Jones Street, it has plenty to see. The architecture alone is worth taking a look.

Over the years many wealthy families have had residences on Jones Street and it is rumored that this is where the phrase “keeping up with the Joneses” comes from.

Savannah, GA – Rainbow Row

I love that someone in Savannah decided that if Charleston could have a Rainbow Row, then so could Savannah. Located in the historic district of Savannah, this row of three houses each have their own pastel shade proudly on display. I couldn’t resist a photo opp here at the pink house.

I mean, if this ever goes up for sale!

I hope you enjoyed this report on my favorite spots (and also some of the best photo spots) in Savannah, GA. I had such an amazing two days in this gorgeous city and just can’t wait to go back. In fact, I could actually see myself living in this quaint, southern city full of charm and history. Till next time…be healthy, be well, be fabulous!


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