Five Things I’m Loving Right Now #1 – Summer 2018


I wanted to start a new series where I share the things I’m loving right now! This series will be different than my regular “Favorites” videos and posts though. Favorites are things that I use on a regular basis and have incorporated into my normal daily life.

“Five Things I’m Loving Right Now” will include things that I’ve recently stumbled on and am currently obsessed with at this moment in time. Who knows, maybe one day they will become Favorites? These are just a few things that I’m loving and want to share with you.

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Me & My BIG Ideas The Happy Planner Scrapbook Stickers

I used to do “Plan With Me” videos and posts but they never seem to get much love. Although I love watching them myself, I decide to stop sharing my weekly spread in my Rose Gold Passion Planner. Every week, I take the time on Sunday to sit down and plot out my week in my Passion Planner. I love to add Washi Tape and brightly colored stickers to spruce up my week and add a little flavor.

I recently found these Me & My BIG Ideas Planner Stickers from Target. The first one is the Happy Planner Scrapbook stickers which contains 766 stickers over 20 pages. The second one is also a Happy Planner Scrapbook sticker set but contains 1349 stickers over 20 pages.

These both have fun stickers to jazz up my planner as well as ones that help with productivity such as color coding, appointment reminders and more. I found these in the back to school section and they were actually on sale. I love the fun bright colored stickers and I found these really fit into my lifestyle to help me set up a better week in my passion planner.


Bliss Jelly Glow Ball Facial Cleanser

I talked about this in a recent blog post where I reviewed all of the Bliss products. While I’m not a fan of the packaging that the cleanser comes in, the cleanser itself is amazing. I love how the ball shape fits the contours of my face really well. I love that it is a very good cleanser and it cleanses without stripping away the natural oils from my face. My skin is not left dried out like other cleansers will sometime leave it. This has a very light and pleasing scent. I have definitely noticed my skin has been brighter, more radiant and more clear since using this cleanser. Huge huge huge fan!! If you are on the hunt for a new daily cleanser, I highly recommend the Bliss Jelly Glow Ball.

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Paris Bath and Beauty Book by Chrissy Callahan

I literally can not stop raving about The Paris Bath and Beauty Book. I’ve mentioned it on this blog and on my social media, as well as telling anyone who will listen about it. I think we all wonder at some point, how do the French always look so chic? Callahan does a great job of sharing some of the most common Beauty secrets from French women. Also included are several amazing DIY Beauty recipes for skin, makeup and hair. I highly recommend you pick up a copy of this book.

Valspar’s Oh So Pink Paint Color

We recently purchased a new home and will be moving in shortly. So expect lot’s of house organizing and decor posts coming up. The first thing I did, of course, was to pick out paint colors. I am not the type of person who can live in a beige and white world.

My favorite color is pink, so I wanted to incorporate some Pink into our home decor. It’s not a color we have ever used in our homes, so I wanted to try it this time around. I decided to  paint our dining room (shown above on the left) and my in-home Pilates studio with Valspar’s Oh So Pink. Now, my husband almost vetoed any pink paint in the house, but I managed to win (eventually and with much persuading).

The previous owners had the walls white above the chair rail and a dark grey color on the walls under the chair rail. I found the room looked small, dingy and too dark. At first, I actually thought this color was going to be too light. However, when I started painting with it it looked like too much pink and I was a bit scared. But after it dried down it looks amazing.

The pink is not too in your face and really brightens up the room. Even my husband, Matt, has decided he really likes it. I just need to do one more coat of the white on the bottom and touch up some spots but I’ already loving it. And it looks great in the studio space too. I want to use it everywhere in the house now, but my husband is reigning that one in.


Paris In Four Months

While spending some time looking for Paris blogs and Instagram accounts, I came across Carin Olsson of Paris in Four Months. I have been following her blog and Instagram account ever since. Carin is originally from Stockholm and decided to move to Paris for a bit. Her blog and Instagram account were going to be her outlet for chronicling her stay in France. She now lives there regularly and shares some of her amazing photography.

I just adore her accounts and her aesthetic. Definitely go check her out! I could spend forever just perusing her blog and photos, imagining I’ve been whisked off to Paris.

Now it is your turn! Tell me in the comments, what are you loving right now? Also, don’t forget to shop my favorites in the sidebar.






  1. I’m loving this post right now! I’m a planner and adore all things stationary! I’m going to check out the stickers at Target now 😉 And I’ve been seeing the Jelly Glow ball and been wanting to try it 😉 And as a fellow natural beauty buff I am definitely going to check out the Paris Bath and Beauty Book! Finally, I especially love how you share the love by showcasing someone that has inspired you and paying it forward.


  2. Love your post! I am a huge stationery fan as well. My favorite color is normally blue, but I’m obsessed with the Oh So Pink you shared and may have to incorporate that somehow into my own place. Right now, I’m loving my new Sunice cat-eye sunglasses — it’s normally not the type of look I’d rock (I usually go for more of an Audrey Hepburn style) but it has been a really fun change for me. From a social media perspective, I’m loving @thewaywemet — very sweet account that shares how different couples met. I always love hearing their stories!

    Thanks for sharing! I will need to check out this Paris Bath & Beauty book asap.


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