Guerlain Rose Barbare – A Review


I used to never be a fan of rose scented products or fragrances. They say our tastes change every 7 years, so I guess that explains why I’m now obsessed with rose scented everything.

I am a huge fan of Guerlain, especially their fragrances. They are the only perfume that I purchase and wear and I consider myself somewhat of a collector of their fine fragrances. Every time that I am at Epcot at Walt Disney World, I make a special trip the France Pavilion to purchase a new fragrance. On our most recent trip, I went into the Guerlain Boutique solely to buy Mitsuko and not spend any more money than that. I was actually trying to keep myself on a budget this trip. But I asked about what rose scented fragrances they had on hand. We tried a few and I just fell in love with this one right away. My husband said “buy it” and it was my valentines’ present. Quelle surprise!


Guerlain Rose Barbare

Guerlain’s Rose Barbare is one of three fragrances from the L ‘Art et la Mature collection (The Art and Material). The perfumes were launched in 2005 as a way to celebrate the remodel of the main boutique in Paris on the Champs-Elysées. Rose Barbare (Barbarian Rose) is a lovely fragrance dedicated to rose. The composition includes aldehydes, rose, the sweet notes of honey chypre and peach and a base of spicy grass notes reminiscent of the forest floor.

My Review of Guerlain Rose Barbare

To me this is a bouquet of soft florals, with just a whisper of a scent as you spray it on. I don’t find it as heavy as some other Guerlain fragrances when its wet on the skin like say Shalimar. At first you get a sweetness from the honey, and another note which Im guessing is the peach? On the dry down you get more of the rose, but it is not your grandmothers old tea rose perfume, it is sweeter, more delicate and more modern.

This is very different from some of the other Guerlain fragrances that I own. I absolutely love the atomizer and the wonderful little leather box it comes in. This is one for special occasions or a date night out. I believe that other fragrances have been added to the original three. Now I need to try the other in the collection and I’ve got to collect them all.

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