Review: Guerlain Meteorites

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Anyone else tired of being stuck inside? If so, raise your hand! During all the craziness of social distancing and isolation during the pandemic of COVID-19, I am fortunate enough to be able to work from home. So I’m not one to complain. I am going into week four of working from home and to be honest, I’m starting to go a little stir crazy. At least I’m able to get out and take a walk during my lunch break.

On my walks, I’m taking time to appreciate that Spring is here y’all! Flowers are popping up everywhere. The magnolia tress are in full bloom and must smell gorgeous. Magonolias are one of my favorite flowers for sure. My walk is dotted in many different colors as the flowers push their way through the soil to bloom. This got me thinking about one of my favorite Spring scents, Guerlain’s Meteorites fragrance. So the past few days I have been wearing it and just love it. Then it dawned on me that I never reviewed it.

Guerlain, Guerlain makeup, Guerlain perfume, Guerlain fragrance, Guerlain review, Guerlain meteorites,

Guerlain Meteorites

If you are familiar with Guerlain at all then you know of the Meteorites. These are the fabulous little pearls of powder that correct and illuminate the skin. The powder pearls are still one of my favorite beauty products ever.

Originally launched in 2000, it was rereleased last year for Spring. It is a soft, powdery, floral fragrance that celebrates the freshness of the multicolored powder pearl Météorites. The pearls of powder have a beautiful violet scent that was the inspiration for the fragrance itself.

Guerlain Meteorites Fragrance Notes

Thierry Wasser, Guerlain’s master perfumer, reworked the violet to create this gorgeous fragrance that is perfect for Spring. The fragrance opens with apple and bergamot, rose and violet fuse in a floral bouquet at the heart, and it ends beautifully with sensual white musk and woodsy notes.

The fragrance comes in the same round bottle as Terracotta Le Parfum, with the beautiful addition of a silver-coloured spray nozzle and a pearly pink cap. The textured paper label reproduces one of the symbols of the Meteorites range: the garland in the powder pearl colours enhanced with hints of silver.

My Review of Guerlain Meteorites

This opens very sweet and floral for me. I’m reminded of candies like Smarties or those violet candies from the UK. It is more sweet and bright than tangy on the initial spray. I don’t really pick up on the fruitier notes like bergamot at all.

Being that this an Eau de Toilette, this dries down pretty quickly on me. Immediately it becomes a lighter softer scent that is perfect for Spring. The dry down is definitely a powdery floral that is reminiscent of the pearls of powders.

While I don’t reach for this one often, I do enjoy it. If you want a sweet and soft floral for Spring or Summer than this would be perfect. The wear of it is light, as it doesn’t last all day long.

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