How to Become the Best Version of Yourself

Journaling to Find Your Best Self

I recently picked BACK up the habit of daily journaling. I love the idea of getting my thoughts out onto paper. This is a habit that I pick up from time to time, but then for some reason it always falls by the wayside. I think because I often journal with pen and paper, and sometimes I forgot to bring my journal, or it is just too cumbersome to bring it everywhere with me. So, what do I do in those moments, where I have thoughts I need to process but my journal is nowhere to be seen? I decided to focus on digital journaling instead and I’m using the Day One app to do so.

Now, through the app, I can journal on my phone anytime, as I always have my phone with me. One of the things I wanted to do was to also use journaling as a tool to focus on the consistent daily habits I set for myself at the beginning of the year. So, I have created short checklists at the beginning of each journal entry. These help to keep those daily habits and systems at the forefront of my mind.

The Best Version of Myself

One of those lists I call “The Best Version of Myself” (my other list is called “Get Shit Done”, which is literally a list of stuff that I absolutely have to do that day). If I was living as my ideal self, the very best version of myself, what would that look like? What does that person do every day? Which took me down a rabbit hole of Google entries on “what does the best version of myself look like?”

Some people say we are already the best versions of ourselves right now, maybe we can be a bit better through experience and knowledge. I also say the only person I want to be better than is the person I was yesterday. As I always look at personal growth holistically through what I call the Four Pillars of Wellness, I look at how I can improve a little each day in each of those areas: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual wellness. I’m not trying to be perfect, just a little better each day than the day before. Progress over perfection.

I thought I would share my “Best Version of Myself” daily list and hope that it resonates with you to also focus on these a little each day to become the best version of yourself.

How to be the Best Version of Myself

Physical Wellness Pillar

  • Work out everyday – I just find that I feel better physically, mentally, and emotionally on the days I workout. This can be something simple like walking , a gym workout, or doing a yoga or Pilates practice. Moving a little everyday has such a great impact on our overall health and wellness.
  • Drink 64+ oz of water – I’m sure that you have heard multiple times that we are pretty much all water. Drinking enough water keeps our bodies hydrated which helps with everything from preventing brain fog, keeps skin glowing, reduces fatigue and more. So girl…get that water in! I have a 74 ounce Hydrojug (pink of course) that I sip on throughout the day to make sure I’m getting enough water in.
  • Ate well to nourish my body – this is a big one for me. Due to my divorce and everything my ex put me through, I was emotionally eating and put on 50+ lbs. As I work to lose weight, I have to focus on making healthier choices with what I eat. I now focus on eating intuitively and listening to what my body needs. If I think about what I’m about to eat nourished my body or not, it helps me to make wiser choices.
  • Took my vitamins and supplements – I take a bunch of daily supplements that help not only my body but my skin, my hair, slowing aging, and more. Find out which ones work well for you and your needs and add them into your daily routine.

Mental Wellness Pillar

  • Learned one new thing today – this is similar to working out everyday. Just as we exercise our bodies to be in an optimal physical state, we need to do the same for our minds. Learning new activities each day can improve brain fog and even help ward off Alzheimer’s. I do little memory games that keep my brain sharp, as well as I am currently trying to learn Spanish.
  • Listened to a positive mindset/personal growth podcast – this is a big one for me too. I recently started listening to personal growth and positive mindset podcasts while I work out instead of listening to music. Not only am I learning something new each day but it sets a positive frame of mind for the rest of my day. As I work out in the early, early morning, this really sets the tone for my day ahead.
  • Journaled – well this should be a given since the whole topic of this post centers around journaling. But this is such a good way to get thoughts out, find new perspectives, and sort through all the stuff going on in your brain. This is my number one tool for clearing my mind and focusing on a more positive mindset for my day.
  • Meditated – meditation is beneficial really for all of the pillars because it clears the minds, gives a new perspectives, and even lowers blood pressure and reduces stress. Aim for at least 5 minutes daily in the morning or evening.

Emotional Wellness Pillar

  • Lived my purpose – now I do have to admit that I struggle with what my life purpose is sometimes and it is something I reflect on often. However, I do take small steps each day to do the things that bring me joy. And maybe that is my life’s purpose…to live joyfully!
  • Practiced an attitude of gratitude – this is a big one for me. Especially if something is going wrong, it pivots my thinking from a negative mindset to a positive one. A great example of this just happened recently. A branch fell on my car and shattered the sunroof. I learned that my insurance would not cover it so I was going to have to shell out $1200 to replace the glass. I admittedly went to a dark place and let stress and anxiety take over. Then I switched over to an attitude of gratitude and realized I am thankful that I have a car, most people don’t. I am grateful that my car has ac and runs well and gets me safely from point a to b. This pivoting of thoughts quickly pulled me out of despair and I felt immediately better. This is a practice that I do as often as I can throughout the day.
  • Affirmations – this is another tool that I use to focus on a more positive mindset. This keeps me from listening to my inner critic and all of the negative self talk he does. One of my current favorite affirmations is “I am a money magnet” and “I am a badass with a good ass”.

Spiritual Wellness Pillar

  • Did something nice for someone else – studies show that we immediately feel better about ourselves when do something for someone else. I try to do something small each day for my fellow humans – maybe it is holding the door open, maybe it is a smile and a friendly hello, letting someone out in traffic, buying coffee for the person behind me, donating money, or volunteering my time.
  • Daily bread – prayer, devotional, bible study – these are tools that also help me to frame a more positive mindset. I love daily devotionals for keeping me focused on my relationship with GOD and knowing that I can do all things through him.

I would love to hear some of the things you focus on daily in order to become a better version of yourself. Let me know in the comments.

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