Fragrance Friday – Atelier Cologne Lemon Island Review

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Fragrance Friday

Fragrance Friday was something that I used to do but stopped about a year ago. After skincare, my next best love is fragrance. As a Francophile, I collect and typically only wear fragrances from French houses (Guerlain, Dior, Givenchy, etc.). However, occasionally I break out and try something new.

While at Sephora recently, I tried a few of the Atelier Cologne fragrances. I had never heard of the brand (also based out of Paris) but fell in love with a few of the fragrances. Especially, Lemon Island, which I purchased in the smaller size.

I typically stay away from citrus based fragrances as they just don’t excite me. I also tend to wear mostly women’s fragrances as I find they carry the notes I love and are more unique. Personally, I find a lot of men’s fragrances today, no matter the brands, just all smell the same: citrus, oud, vetiver. How boring!

The notes I am most drawn to tend to be very dark incensy notes or light, white florals, and sometimes even sweeter fragrances. I love fragrance notes such as rose, lily of the valley, jasmine, gardenia, magnolia, and vanilla.

So trying and falling in love with a citrus based fragrance was so unsual for me, but Lemon Island also carries Jasmine and Vanilla and I think that is why I fell in love. So I wanted to pick back up Fragrance Fridays, where I will be reviewing a fragrance every Friday from my ever expanding fragrance collection. Today we are starting with Lemon Island from Atelier Cologne.

Atelier Cologne – Masion de Parfum Paris

Atelier Cologne was founded in 2009 by Sylvie Ganter and Christophe Cervasel when the two met and fell in love. In addition to their unique love story, they also discovered their love for fragrances. They then decided to create the first fragrance house based solely on the eau de cologne. They wanted to create unique eau de colognes that had a longer lasting staying power than they ones that were typically created at the time.

Atelier Cologne created the Cologne Absoule, a cologne with a higher concentrations of the raw materials used to wear longer. While the fragrances are made in France, they contain unique and rare ingredients from around the world such as Madagascar Vanilla, Indian Jasmine and more.

The fragrances are broken up into “wardrobes” such as Sunny Citrus, Fresh Woods, Clean Musks, Bright Flowers, and Addictive Orientals. This makes it easier to find a fragrance that might interest you and if you struggle, they have a Perfume Finder. The finder asks you unique and fun questions and then provides suggestions of which fragrances you might love.

Atelier Cologne – Lemon Island

What They Say:

Embark on an extraordinary journey towards new horizons to connect with nature. In the middle of the Indian Ocean, the Rodrigues Island unveiled an olfactive treasure bottled in our Lemon Island fragrance.

The unisex perfume Lemon Island is made of 92% of ingredients of natural origin and was created from the lemon of Rodrigues, never used before in the world of fragrances.

Fresh and fizzy facets of lemongrass, combined with the solar and warm notes of jasmine from India and the soothing vanilla from Madagascar result in this blend of three exotic raw materials. As a Citrus-based perfume, Lemon Island opens on to a beautiful morning in an earthly paradise.

My Review:

Atelier Cologne has a unique virtual experience you can join online. Where you are a whisked away to Rodgries Island and go through a “choose your own adventure” style experience based around Lemon Island.

For me when I first spray Lemon Island, I am instantly transported to another time in place. I imagine myself somewhere in the French Riviera, at a seaside cafe, sipping champagne. Here I meet up with friends and we board someone’s yacht for a party cruise to a remote island just off the French Riviera. The party lasts all day on the gorgeous island.

This fragrance instantly transports you to a tropical island. The citrus is lovely and almost a bit spicy when you first spray it on. And then dries down to the lovely bright jasmine and warm vanilla notes. For a cologne it has amazing staying power and I can pretty much smell this all day. I also get tons of compliments when I wear this.

If you are like me and not typically a fan of citrus based fragrances, I think you will love this one as much as I do. The citrus is so unique and gives away to a light and beautiful sweet floral scent. This is a perfect unisex scent for Spring and Summer and I know I will be wearing this a lot over the upcoming warmer months here in Florida.

I am already obsessed with this fragrance and can not wait to try more from Atelier Cologne. Check out my full review of Lemon Island from Atelier Cologne here:

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