My Top 21 Skincare & Beauty Products of 2021

We all love a good Top Whatever list don’t we? I think this is the third or fourth year that I have done a list of my top skincare and beauty products of the year. While I do tend to find and stick to the same products, occasionally I find new ones that I fall in love with. This year, I discovered and tried out some new brands, so most of the items in this year’s list are newer products, instead of my tried and trues.

While everyone’s skin is unique and these may or may not work for you as well, I have chosen them because they have done a great job at helping my skin look it’s best this year. Whether it has been a cleanser, toner, serum, or moisturizer these products have benefited my skin so well this past year. In fact, a few of these will be staying in my permanent rotation.

The list is not ranked in any way, I just listed them in the order I would use them. Also, I am not going into ingredients or benefits, but rather just sharing why I fell in love with these. Some of these products have been reviewed on my YouTube channel as well, so if you would like to hear a more in depth review, please check out those videos (linked in the video at the end of this blog post).

Without further ado let’s dive in…

My Top 21 Skincare and Beauty Products of 2021

Farmacy Clean Green Cleansing Balm

I have drier skin and cleansing oils or balms work best for me. I can not use products that lather up too much like a cleansing gel as they are too drying for my skin. The texture of this is so wonderful, it’s light and melts easily into the skin. It does a great job of removing makeup and spf and leaves my skin soft and hydrated. This is probably the best cleansing balm I have ever used. Full Farmacy review video coming soon!

Dr. Hauschka Facial Toner

I am not sure what it is with this product, but I really love it. It is a pleasing smell that is not too strong. It sprays out well and hydrates the skin perfectly, helping serums etc that are placed on top of it to absorb better. I think this will be a permanent product in my skincare routine.

Caudalie Grape Water

This one always makes my favorites list and I have been using it regularly for probably over a decade or more. It just gives the skin amazing and instant hydration. I tend to use this as  toner and before using any serums. I also use it throughout the day when my skin needs a hydration pick me up. When I am consistently using this product, I really feel that it makes my skin look amazing and glowy. 

Youth to the People Mandelic Acid and Superfood Exfoliant

Usually anything with Glycolic is a no go for me. It tends to be too drying and irritating for my skin. I do much better with Lactic Acid, so I was a bit weary to try this when I was gifted it in PR from Youth to the People. However, I am obsessed. It has worked so well for my skin and I have not had any dryness, irritation, etc. It does a great job of refining the texture of my skin, minimizing pores, and removing dead skin cells. It is gentle enough for even me to use it daily. I typically use this in the morning after cleansing and it even helps to remove any residue that maybe my cleanser left behind. I love this so much that I just bought a second bottle for myself. 

Dr. Hauschka Daily Hydrating Eye Cream

Textures are big for me, and I just love the texture of this eye cream. It feels rich but light enough for the delicate eye area. It moisturized the eye area well, keeping it smooth and brightened. Also, concealer glides on like a dream over this product. 

Farmacy Filling Good Hyaluronic Acid Plumping Serum

Besides the Flamingo, Bees are another spirit animal of mine. So when I come across products with honey, I am always curious. Honey can be super hydrating and healing for the skin as well. So when I decided to try out the Farmacy products, this product was one I had to grab. I am so happy I did too, because this is amazing. It has a lovely, light honey scent. It feels a little thick but absorbs nicely into the skin. My skin feels more hydrated and definitely looks more plumped. This is going to be staying in my routine. Full Farmacy review video coming soon!

Wander Beauty Sight C-er Vitamin C Concentrate

Again, texture is key for me. Most Vitamin C serums seem so watery. I love that this is more of a thick cream based serum. It does well to blend into my skin, leaving it more hydrated with a velvety like finish, and doesn’t leave any residue behind.. The serum has done beautifully at keeping my skin brightened and clear. 

Inn Beauty Slushy Retinol Serum

Due to my sensitive skin, retinol’s dont always work well for me, which is why I usually use Bakuchchiol based products as they are gentler on the skin. However, I do like the end result of a retinol product. The Inn Beauty Slushy is whipped in some sort of way, so it is a unique texture. The purpose of that is it is meant to be gentler and more hydrating. It most definitely is. I have not had any issues with this product causing sensitivity and it leaves my skin absolutely smooth and glowing. This is probably my go to for retinol going forward. 

Farmacy Honey Halo Ultra Hydrating Moisturizer

Again, I was drawn in by the honey, but this moisturizer is pure heaven. The texture is light but super hydrating. The scent is pleasant and light. I was having a lot of dry skin and dryness in my beard area prior to purchasing this and it literally saved my skin. It is super healing and moisturizing, without being too heavy or greasy. This will definitely be a regular in my skincare routine. Full Farmacy review video coming soon!

Farmacy Honey Grail Facial Oil

This looks, feels, and smells like pure honey. However, upon application it breaks down into a nice oil texture. My dry skin loves facial oils and this one is amazing. It helps to nourish, repair, and protect the skin’s moisture barrier but without feeling heavy like most facial oils tend to feel. Next to the Caudalie Premier Cru Facial Oil, this is the best facial oil I have ever used and I will keep in this my daily skincare regimen. I use this at night mixed in my moisturizer or on top and it is perfect. Skin looks and feels amazing the next day.

Caudalie Premier Cru Facial Oil

If you have followed me for a while, you know I love Caudalie. It is probably my favorite skincare brand. Everything I try works out well for my skin and my skin always looks perfect while using Caudalie. This new oil is no exception. It is super rich and hydrating but doesn’t feel heavy on the skin. I use my oils at night, so when I wake up in the morning my skin is just glowing when I use this oil. The price is high but I feel it is well worth the investment as my skin never looked better, plus a little goes a long way. And aren’t we worth the investment? Check out my full Caudlie review videos for more information.

Kosas Tinted Facial Oil

I don’t think I can rave enough about this product, as I have been constantly raving it about all year. This is by far the best product I have purchased in a really, really long time. I don’t tend to wear makeup, but due to my eczema sometimes I have redness in my skin that I like to blend out. The skincare benefits of this oil also leave my skin looking and feeling amazing. This makes your skin look amazing but like your skin. Your skin but only better. It does leave a beautiful dewy finish but more natural looking. I love this so much that I have since started using it everyday. Check out my full review on my YouTube channel.

Ilia Cloud Setting Powder

I mostly use this for touch ups at the end of the day between my full time job and going to teach Pilates for three hours. Whew, those days are long. It is so finely milled that it feels like nothing on the skin. It gives a very soft and natural finish. 

Kosas Bronzing Powder

I must admit that I only really use this when filming or doing photo shoots. It is a beautifully light and airy powder that gives a very natural glow to the skin. I most use this for contouring as it looks so natural. But it is definitely one of my favorite bronzing products as it is so light and natural looking.

Wander Beauty Brow Gel

I have been tweezing my eyebrows since I was about 14, so some spots such as the tail of the brow are a little sparse. I also have a scar in one of my brows where hair doesn’t really grow. So on occasion I will use a natural brown brow gel to just fill them and define the shape a bit more. Like bronzer, I typically only use this when filming videos. With this product it is all about the brush wand for me. It tapes to the end and is super thin and fine, giving more control and makes filling in the brows so much more easy. The gel sets well and actually stays put for a long time.

Inn Beauty Lip Glazes

Since discovering lip oils about two years ago, I have been obsessed. I love the idea of this balm/gloss hybrid that hydrates and gives a nice sheen to lips. My absolute favorite is the Kosas lip oil but these are a close second. I love how these feel on the lips, but mostly I love the scents. They are a bit sticky, but not enough to really bother me.

Isle of Paradise Self Tanning Drops

I avoid the sun like a vampire, and if I am out in the sun, I slather on the sunscreen. However, living in Florida, the look of a tan is just gorgeous. So occasionally I experiment with self tanning products. I love these drops because they give a natural looking tan, without that hideous self tanning product scent. I also find this to be buildable, so I can make the tan darker with another application. However, my most favorite aspect of this product is that I can mix it in with any moisturizer I use and it doesn’t affect the scent of my body lotions. I’ve even mixed this in a moisturizer and applied it to my face and it looks natural without any irritation. Perfection!

Love, Beauty, Planet Rose Body Lotion

I have the shower gel that matches this as well and I love them both. It can be hard to find luxurious feeling shower gels and body lotions that are also clean beauty products. These are perfect. They both hydrate well and leave a gorgeous rose scent. It is a little bit more of a sweeter rose scent and not so old lady rose smelling. I highly recommend these. 

Savannah Bee Company Royal Jelly Body Butter

These are amazing and I just stocked up on them when I was in Savannah. I typically only use these for hands but I always have one in my bag and another in my desk at work. They feel amazing on the skin but not too heavy, and absorb quickly into the skin. My hands feel so hydrated and loved when using this.

Celine St. Germaine du Pres Fragrance

I’m not a fan of this fragrance upon initial spray. I’m not sure what notes come out at first but it feels very odd and almost like old lady perfume. However, the dry down is absolutely gorgeous. It is more of a warm vanilla scent. You can check out my full review of this fragrance on my YouTube channel.

Chanel Coco Mademoiselle EDP

I was a makeup artist for Chanel for many years and I always wore this fragrance when working at the counter or boutique. I recently rediscovered it and bought a bottle. I forgot how much I loved it. I think of it as a warm, powdery scent but not like an oriental. I find it to be a sweet vanilla and floral scent with warm and powder notes. This has become my signature scent and I wear it all the time. I also love how well it stays on throughout the day. Great sillage and wear to this one. Classic! Full review video on this will be coming soon.

That is it for my top skincare, beauty, and fragrance products from 2021. If you want to hear more of my thoughts on these products, check out the video below and the full review videos of some of the products I already mentioned. Do you have a new discovery from this year that you are obsessing over? Leave it below in the comments!

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