My Current French Pharmacie Favorites

If you have read my blog like EVER, you will know that I’m obsessed with French skincare. Well, let’s be honest…French everything really. Okay, let’s be REALLY, REALLY honest…pretty much all skincare as well. However, French skincare is a passion of mine and something I love to share with others. Most of my favorite skincare items are from French brands that are found at la pharmacie. In France, la pharmacie is similar to our CVS or Walgreens.

While that may sound less than exciting, for a Francophile skincare junkie, it’s like a cave of wonders filled with all kinds of treasures. In today’s blog I’m sharing some of my favorite skincare products from la pharmacie. While you can’t always get to Paris for a skincare shopping spree, all of these products can be found on Amazon or even at Target. So that being said, the links that follow are affiliate links to Amazon. If you are interested in purchasing the product, or even just learning more, click on the picture of the product. Another great thing about all of these products is that they are super affordable.


This Lierac Gentle Exfoliating Cream is absolutely lovely. It has very gentle and fine granules that do a wonderful job at exfoliating skin and leaves your skin glowing. I’m not usually a fan of manual exfoliators but this one is gentle enough on the skin.


Vichy is probably one of my favorite brands from la pharmacie. I have yet to use anything from them that wasn’t amazing. Their overnight sleep mask is absolutely amazing. This Vichy Liftactive Retinol HA Concentrate is a highly concentrated form of Retinol that also contains Hyaluronic Acid. This does a great job at plumping up skin and reducing the appearance of fine lines. I’ve noticed such a huge improvement in my skin’s tone and texture since using this. Skin definitely looks more youthful after using this.


Speaking of Vichy and Hyaluronic Acid, this one is a staple in my skincare routine. I like to mix a few drops of this Vichy Minéral 89 Hyaluronic Acid Serum Moisturizer Daily Skin Booster in the morning with my other serums. It gives a wonderful boost of hydration to my skin and help keep my skin looking fresh and plumped throughout the day. If you are someone who is dry or sensitive then you must try this. It has really been a lifesaver for my skin and is the best HA serum I’ve discovered yet.

I don’t think I can ever sing the praises enough about Embryolisse’s Lait Cream Concentrate. This cult beauty product is a fan of makeup artists, celebrities and more. I’ve used it for years and have yet to find another moisturizer that compares to this one. While the ingredient list might be deceptively simple, this product really packs a punch. It does a great job at healing skin, moisturizing and even adding a beautiful glow to skin. The texture is think and lovely , but is absorbs quickly into the skin. I use this as my daily moisturizer for day and I can’t live without it. I even buy the smaller tubes for travel.

le Baume from Feret Parumeur is amazing! I use this mostly for my hands or dry bits such as cuticles, elbows and knees. I even use it in a pinch as a hair pomade and lip balm. It’s that great at multi-tasking. It’s a thick balm with a shea butter base that is also formulated with honey and dandelion to intensely moisturized and heal skin. It has a light and pleasing scent of citrus and rose too. You can’t beat a product that has been around since 1865 and is still widely popular in its home country.

I recently did a separate review of this gorgeous oil from Nuxe. NUXE Huile Prodigieuse Multi-Purpose Dry Oil is an incredible dry oil for face, body and hair. While it does leave your skin super soft and hydrated, the thing that really draws me in is the scent. It has a gorgeous scent of Orange Blossom, Magnolia and Vanilla. I need to get this in the matching perfume, it is that gorgeous. The oil is a blend of 7 precious botanical oils that includes: Tsubaki oil, Sweet Almond oil, Camellia oil, Borage oil, Hazelnut oil, Macadamia oil and Argan oil.  This is probably my favorite discovery of 2019 so far. You can use on the body to smooth and hydrate skin, as a moisture boost to your daily moisturizer or even as a smoothing treatment for your hair.

I know you’re thinking “Baby lotion?!” Ok, I know this sounds weird but trust me on this one. This stuff is amazing. While the Mustela line is a higher end line of products for babies, it has developed quite a following for those in the know. I used to work at Blue Mercury, a beauty boutique chain, and all of the “yummy mummies” would come in for this product. I thought they were buying it for their bougie babies but NO, they were buying it for themselves. So I had to try it too.

The Mustela Hydra Bebe lotion is super gentle and hydrating. Just think, if it safe for a baby’s skin, how well it will treat your skin. It is composed of 97% natural ingredients including an elixir of plant-based ingredients including Jojoba Oil, Sunflower Oil, Vitamins E and F, Sweet Almond Oil, Shea Butter, and Avocado Perseose. Trust me on this, try it and you will fall in love. I like to use this at night before bed, it keeps my skin hydrated while I sleep as well as the pleasing powdery scent helps me fall asleep.

So those are my current faves from la pharmacie. What pharmacie products are your currently obsessing over? Let me know in the comments!

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