Three Ways Pilates Can Improve Posture

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How can Pilates improve your posture?

In today’s society of long commutes, hours spent sitting at desks bent over computer keyboards, and spending too much time playing on smartphones (hello text neck!) it’s no surprise our posture is becoming more forward rounded.

Pilates teachers (myself included) are crazy about checking and supporting good body alignment and posture. Good posture has many benefits including relieving back and neck pain, increasing blood circulation and improving muscle function. So how does Pilates help to correct and improve your posture?

Three Ways Pilates Can Improve Your Posture

  1. Pilates works to strengthen the deep core muscles, the abdominals, back muscles and pelvic floor, that support correct posture and body alignment. Strengthening these muscles means more back and spinal support. Strengthening your core muscles helps to support posture especially in a standing position.
  2. Pilates can correct poor body habits and teach you better body movement patterns that will lead to better posture. Pilates also teaches better body awareness that reinforces better posture and helps you to move with greater ease and grace. Pilates helps to find imbalances in the body that may be a factor in poor posture. Correcting these imbalances and finding better balance in the body will help to create better posture.
  3. Pilates helps to increase your flexibility which allows tight muscles to relax and better support your body alignment. Tight muscles can often pull your body out of alignment causing imbalances, back pain, shoulder pain and more.

Now is the time to incorporate Pilates into your fitness and wellness routine to help improve your posture. If you are ready to increase your flexibility, ease chronic back pain and improve your posture give Pilates a try! If you have any questions on Pilates, please email me, comment below, or DM on Instagram @christopher.ian.4

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