My Clean Beauty Morning Skincare Routine

The Importance of a Good Morning Routine

One of my favorite types of YouTube videos to watch or blog posts to read is when people talk about their morning routines. I plan on doing a more in depth video and blog post on my full routine including everything I do in the morning to get ready for my day (it’s a lot but surprisingly doesn’t really take much time). Having a good morning routine really sets the tone for my whole day and gets me in the right mindset to tackle the day ahead. So I thought first, I would share my morning skincare routine.

Because I do try a lot of different clean beauty products and brands, my skincare routine changes slightly from time to time. In addition to trying out new products, I often change up my skincare routine based on the current season. When I lived in Boston, I had to have a more nourishing and hydrating routine in the Winter months as opposed to my skincare needs during Summer. And now living in Florida, it is a whole different story! However, while the brands/products may change, I keep pretty true to the types of products I use during the day and what my routine looks like.

I think of my morning or daytime skincare routine in the terms of protecting, while my nighttime skincare routine is more in the terms of repairing. So the importance of a good morning skincare routine is something I don’t neglect. Most of us spend time out in the sun during the day, even if only briefly, as well as in offices with drier climates, ACs/Heaters, etc. So I really think using products to protect our skin during the day is super important. I always make sure I’m using antioxidants and spf for starters.

So let’s dive into my current skincare routine for the daytime. As I mentioned it does change regularly so this is what I am currently using and loving. Some of these are now staples and if I mix it up, it most likely is that I’m using a different serum or moisturizer. For instance, I always use a Vitamin C serum, but I might change up which brand of Vitamin C serum I’m using.

My Current Clean Beauty Morning Skincare Routine

Clean Morning Skincare – Cleanser

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I’m currently trying out a few products from Good Molecules (full review coming soon)! I’m really loving this Rosewater Daily Cleansing Gel. I don’t normally use cleansing gels or foams as they always seem to be too drying for my already dry skin. Most mornings, depending on the previous night’s skincare routine, I usually just using a cleansing clean or milk that you just tissue on/off, such as my favorite Cleansing Milk from Caudalie. However, this Good Molecules Rosewater Daily Cleansing Gel has been really nice. Rosewater is really soothing, so I think that is why this works well for my skin. I use only a little bit and it does a great job of gently cleaning and balancing my skin without drying it out.

Clean Morning Skincare – Eye Cream

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This must be a really popular eye cream as it is currently sold out everywhere. I love the light texture of this which makes it perfect for the morning. It does a great job of depuffing and brightening the eye area. The Yerba Mate has lots of antioxidants to protect and the eye gel has three hyaluronic acids to really hydrate the eye area. I prefer to use a lightweight eye cream in the morning and a richer one at night so this has been perfect for the day.

Clean Morning Skincare – Toner/Facial Mist

Now, I don’t like to play favorites with my skincare, but Wander Beauty has become one of my all time favorite brands. Literally, everything I have purchased from them and used (I think I now have every skincare product that they make) has worked well for me and is now a staple in my skincare arsenal. The Glow Getter Mist is the first spray I use on my face. This contains anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and healing ingredients like glacier water from Iceland, evening primrose oil, lavender oil, and hibiscus fruit extract to leave skin super glowing and dewy! I love this! Skin look so glowy after spraying it. My only complaint is that it is teeny tiny, although you don’t need much so it seems to be lasting pretty well.

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Yes, I know, I know, it’s a lot! But yes, I use two different sprays. Both target hydration, adding antioxidants, and leave skin super glowing! The Glow Essence with Sea Grape Caviar from Cocokind is one of my go tos right now. I think I’m on my third bottle? I noticed the first time I used it that my skin seemed really glowy, and I was able to narrow it down to this product and now I use it every morning.

This instantly hydrates, adds a glow and helps the absorption of other products. I particularly use this right before the next step which is my hyaluronic acid serum. Having skin slightly moist helps your serums to penetrate and work better!

Clean Morning Skincare – Hyaluronic Acid

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Hyaluronic Acid is just an amazing skincare product/ingredient that I really think everyone can use. I love this one from Good Molecules but not only is it super inexpensive but it works really well. It does a great job of adding some hydration to the skin while leaving it soft, supple, and more plumped looking. I wont’ say too much more on this one because a full Good Molecules review is coming soon! Hyaluronic acid is one product I always use, but sometimes switch out brands. I am liking this one so far…more to come!

Clean Morning Skincare – Vitamin C

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Vitamin C is another product that I use every morning. Vitamin C has amazing benefits, such as brightening the skin, fading hyper-pigmentation, promoting collagen production, fighting free radicals, and can help prevent sun damage. This is one serum that I recommend for everyone. If you are not using a Vitamin C, please add one to your routine right now.

Volition Beauty is another brand I’m currently trying out and will be doing a full review on soon. I recently raved about their Yaupon Tea Moisturizer so decided to try a few more products from them. The Strawberry C Serum seems to be one of their top sellers so I had to get that one. I was disappointed that it didn’t smell like strawberries though. It smells more like celery if I’m being honest. However, it has done a great job of brightening and plumping the skin. I haven’t’ had any irritation with this one either, so far I’m loving it.

Clean Morning Skincare – Moisturizer

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Moisturizer is something I trade out pretty regularly. One day I might need something light and airy, and another I might need something rich and more hydrating. I am currently trying out one from Good Molecules (again full review is coming soon), but I always go back to the Dive In Moisturizer from Wander Beauty. It has an amazing texture that absorbs quickly into the skin but leaves skin soft, plumped, and hydrated for HOURS!

My second favorite and I use it when I need something maybe a bit richer, is the Celery Smoothing Cream from Cocokind.

Clean Morning Skincare – Sun Protection

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I think I may have found a new favorite spf! The Volition Beauty Prismatic Luminizing Shield SPF 50 is incredible. It’s so lightweight and doesn’t feel heavy or greasy at all. It blends so fabulously into the skin and leaves a gorgeous glow. And I LOVE that is SPF 50! If you are looking for a good clean beauty spf, please check this one out.

That is my basic clean beauty skincare routine, sometimes I use a few other products depending on what my skin needs that day. For instance, I might use a few drops of a facial oil (Wander Beauty’s Glow Ahead Face Oil) if my skin feels a bit dry that day. I might also use my latest skincare/beauty obsession, the Kosas Tinted Face Oil if I need to neutralize any redness and even out my skin tone.

I hope you enjoyed learning more about the clean beauty products I’m currently using for my morning skincare routine. I will be sharing my nighttime skincare routine soon as well as my full morning and night rituals/routines. Stay tuned!

As always, stay well and stay fabulous!

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